Start Problems

THOSE PROBLEMS, WERE happened us from October 12 to November 3. It was just my mistakes. I could not use my cash card because I forgot to do activation-I need to use that cash card at Japan one time, it's like switch ON. I need to go safety place because I can't use my cash card and I used my emergency money a little for something, and I can't use it anymore for this problem. I came back to Mamobi market which is first place I stayed in, from New town. As usual, people were very kind for me at Mamobi. I stayed there until November 2, one of my friend often cooked me Ghana food, certainly 3 brothers gave me food.

One day, we slept on the night. I was writing daily until around 12:30 o'clock and slept. When my friend call me at 3 o'clock at early morning, we realize what we lost things. A thief came to our house. Those things are our PC, his cheap cellphone, his wallet, my Japanese cellphone, electric dictionary and my single lens reflex camera. Their friends came to our house and we talked about what happened. The reason why thief can came in our house is we forgot to rock our door. What we understand is 2 people saw a thief when he go to house and he have those things. Anyway,he would sell it to somewhere. Cellphone is no matter but Camera and dictionary were important. I was thinking about that I lost things, somebody get things.

First, I was thinking about gap between Japan and Ghana. I'm from Japan which is rich country as economy, and I'm in Ghana which is at least poorer than Japan as economy. Japanese have a lot of things which is sort of machines and we can get it somehow if we work hard. Ghanaian want to get it but it's very difficult to get it because it's very expensive for them and they doesn't compose it by themselves. Second, I also was thinking about what enough is. I don't like much things, ok I hate it. I don't care that you have because I can understand that those things are nice but I want to make simplicity for my room, my house and my life. Then, I though, what is camera and dictionary for me. We know, it's convenient and useful but we can live and enjoy own life or own journey without it. In my case, I didn't lost my guitar and my passport so I can continue my travel and singing. I need to know what enough is. Third, I think as Japanese, no, as Yago, I need to forgive this thief because I had thing, he didn't have it and he didn't kill me. I don't say this thief is not bad. I don't want to say Ghanaian is dangerous but it's true, some of them are dangerous and they will kiss us sometimes-In Japan also, murder and stealing are happened sometimes-. I don't want to keep bad feeling in my mind, and my feeling becomes to nice when I forgive it.

Anyway, we need to go Volta region because my friend, Mamobi guy will work at there as teacher 10 months. In Ghana, if you finish college or university, you need to work under the government, they call it, 'National Service'. One day, we left our house and took a bus to go Volta region. Suddenly, he had vomited on the bus because he was a sick before comes to here. He tried to say hardness for me but I didn't understand how he feel hard and we had thought we have to reach working place because already we were late for working because thief and his sick. When he vomit and we go to hospital, I felt Ghana culture. They really take care-I guess some of them said bad words to my friend- other people when they are sick or something. I don't know how many people came to see us, anyway it was many people.

Problem and Life



I REACHED AT Ghana Accra airport, there are many blacks, some European and me. I was alone and my looks like is traveler because of beard-it's just my image-. i searched a Ghanaian at entrance because I ask one man who is couch surfer to stay his house and I found him was having one paper which wrote my name. We hug and went out to outside and we searched a taxi to come his house. At Ghana, they call White people, like me OBURONI and they think Oburoni has money. Sometimes, it's true but sometimes it's not true. At Ghana, we talk with driver to decide charge, but drivers cheat us to get much money. Even, I was with him, but taxi drivers cheated us and when we change the place to pick taxi, we took. I felt scared when we were walking Ghana street at 11 o'clock p.m. It was dark, there are many blacks they say something, i don't know this man who met 1 hours ago, but I need to believe him and It was smelly. We reached to his house which I felt small and I gave him Japanese snacks, took bath and I went to bed.

About this room, 3 brothers are living and there are, big TV-window is broken-, two panasonic DVD player, fun, raptop and Cooler. This family is rich because their father have one big cocoa farm and their oldest brother send money each month because he got married with UK lady and is working at same place. During I stayed this room about 1 week, I enjoyed some Ghana food and took picture little bit-I couldn't take plenty picture because I afraid Ghana-and I visited few place. At this place, pee and toilet place are separated and when I want to toilet,I need to go their mother house to borrow KEY of toilet. About Bath, we need to get water from outside by a bucket, it's free.. This place is called MAMOBI MARKET.

I changed house to meet another person, next place is NIGHT MARKET and next couch surfer loves to say such a 'fucking' words. In his house, he doesn't have PC, TV, DVD player and light also difficult to get. I liked his room because there aren' many thing and it's very simple. However, it is some difficulty what I need to pay bit money to wash cloth and I need to walk about 2 or 300m to go toilet and pay a few money. We went to OSU to enjoy Saturday night then I met one man from Burkina Faso and he is dram player and can compose it. In future, he also want to start Farm at his country. His girlfriend is Japanese and she live in Tokyo now so He will go Tokyo. We were imaging about our future and business and I can teach him Japanese He can teach me French. I made promise to comeback OSU next day, we said goodbye.

Next day, NIGHT MARKET Couch surfer gave me a Ghana bracelet and I leave here. It was raining so I leave there to OSU around 12 o'clock at night-actually it's dangerous. please don't do same thing- to search Burkina Man. I went to same place where we met but I could not meet him because it was to late. I went straight to see ocean-Burkina man told me that he live beach-and I felt sea smell so I keep to walk STRAIGHT. Then I stepped into water-I told you it was raining- and I said 'Fack' in Japanese and I turned back. I had understood I can't meet with him today, so I decided to sleep outside at the night-I told you again, don't do same thing-and I found one place to sleep where name is African market and one man was sleeping. I tried to sleep at there so I ware my cloths to save myself from malaria but I couldn't cover my face! I almost slept but when I wake up there are many mosquitoes. I start to walk midnight OSU street again because I didn't want to die.

I had felt really sleepy and wanted to go toilet so I decided to search hotel to sleep and toilet then I found one Hotel next to Cote D'Ivore Embassy. This hotel was expensive so I could not to stay a room however, I could stay this inside front of this hotel because front man was Couch Surfer! He was so nice guy and I like his clothes. 3 months ago, he met a US man who is same situation with me and US man stayed a guest house-I stay there 2 days- where near to his house. We chatted about how he'll come Japan-all Ghanaian told me I want to go Japan to get money or women-and what we do in Ghana. I borrow one room to take shower-It was first time to take HOT SHOWER at Ghana-and toilet-it was also first time to shit at toilet. When his work finish, we went to mobile shop to buy Nokia phone which I can use Skype and bought it-Actually I can't use Skype on this mobile phone-and we went to guest house.



I CHANGED the name of this blog. It mean, What we meet at this junction. it's really unclear but i like unclear thing. My high school teacher who is the ceramic artist told me 'We can find the important thing in the unclear'. I hope i can figure What is JUNCTION for me when i finish my Great Journey. I wrote some story on Twitter, but I try to write what i see and how feel in English. please enjoy my journey's junction with junk English.

I was in airplane from Narita Japan to Cairo Egypt. It was first time to leave Japan. You know, when you start something or leave from one place which you stay long, you feel both sort of excitement and sort of worry. I also had felt it to Africa but I had understood that I'll not get kind of those feeling, and I'll concentrate to my great journey when I reach to Africa. A Black who is breed hair had sat front of my seat. I thought I need to talk to him because I'm going to Africa from now. He from Ethiopia and he is working in japan, he is going to stay his country 3 months. We communicated in Japanese and English. Sometimes, it was not good communication. We saw amazing view together from airplane because we had sat at window side. We saw Japan, Ocean, cloud around all, horizon, blue sky which connect with the universe, and desert. Desert was widely, bright with sunset or blue sky, scare and cold with dark. On the desert, we saw some lines which is used by human. They live on this ground. After desert, it kept getting darker and darker, but I could see light of sunset front of us. Airplane is running after Sunset.

It had filled darkness, I didn't want to watch movies anymore because I have watched 3 movies. I tried to sleep on my seat-I used 3 seats to sleep- but I could not sleep because I was thinking about 2 years journey and my acquaintances. Then, I understood that I'm so happy and my life is great. My all of relation-my marvelous girlfriend, my two brothers, sister, pretty nephew and 5 nieces,great father, my great mother (sometime crazy) and my friends who are always crazy-are very very great. There was a great Journey spread out front of me. I cried on my seat.

In Cairo airport Egypt, I met a Japanese youth of 20 ages - same years with me and living in Tokyo-who is going to meet with his cousin-she is cute. I some travelers went to a dormitory name is SAKURA with Egyptian because cute lady have relation with SAKURA's manager. If I would ask a hotel I stay this day to airport employees, I have needed to pay more expensive price but Actually, I paid a little bit high price to SAKURA. In SAKURA, manager speak Japanese very well, even some employees. In Egypt, they say it is culture to treat visitors by tea or coffee. My room was so nice because I could stay alone at my room which is for 3 people and have veranda but those bed ware really sandy. I went out to outside this night and morning at next day to buy some and to walk around there. Egypt Sandwich was so salty one of Egypt food was so nice. I felt sandy all of around Egypt, Egyptian Buildings were tall. beside, I drank Egypt tea with a Egyptian man, and we talk about our culture or something. he paid me. Egypt is tourist spot so they use to see us and say hello. Then I leave for airport to go Ghana.

Cats are very cute they are inside of building.

















そこで 歩幅を変えるのかい?
















I stayed 1 week in Accra Ghana. My stomach got used to African food and I enjoy Food and Ghana. I changed the place i sleep in Ghana by Couch Surfing. I need to say thank you to last host. he is my fast host. he was so slowly person and love to sleep. I love 3 brothers. Next my host love talking. he is talking with him.

I don't get an e-mail from a my ARI friend. i want to meet with him really.

This PC is really difficult to use.

i will go around Ghana
I miss my girlfriend! haha

Love, Peace and Music





その名も 桜。













One more time One more chance/山崎まさよし


I'll start to travel from tomorrow. I go to Ghana October 2nd. I stay there 2 months
I said good bye for my friends who meet today. I hope you are well and happy. I want to live now. I want to sing a song that about now.

Love, Peace, Music and Friends